Build A Slack Chat App With React, Redux, And Firebase

Build A Slack Chat App With React, Redux, And Firebase

Create a full, full-stack chat application from front to back by React, Redux, Firebase 5, and Semantic UI React

  • Build full-stack apps by React, Redux, and Firebase, with other tools in the React ecosystem
  • Get full React apps from scratch, from initiating up their dev ecosystem to deployment on the web
  • Combine Redux and Firebase including React apps utilizing straightforward, practical patterns
  • Determine each major section of Firebase 5–the real-time database, area, rules, listeners and deployment including Firebase tools


  • Any involvement including React (i.e. must make a couple of projects including React Create App)
  • Previous experience of ES6 features will support (spread operators, destructuring, object shorthand syntax)


Description of Build A Slack Chat App With React, Redux, And Firebase:-

Involved in creating impressive full-stack apps by React, Redux, and Firebase? 

Here’s what we will reach:

  • Building a full Slack chat application including React, Redux, and Firebase 5 from scratch
  • Transferring and accepting messages instantly by the real-time Firebase Database
  • Uploading and displaying image messages utilizing Firebase Storage
  • Notifications to advertise original messages in separate channels
  • Mailing Direct Messages to different users in our chat
  • Tracking/showing when users are online/offline
  • Searching messages inside designed channels
  • Custom animations to recognize when other users are typing in the equivalent channel
  • The building, cropping and uploading user avatars
  • The strength to favorite / unfavorite common channels
  • Compute emojis to our messages by an Emoji Picker element
  • User authentication by Firebase
  • Form validation for our Login and Register reports
  • State management including Redux, by simple, straight forward designs
  • Building beautiful user interfaces including Semantic UI React
  • Basic characteristics of React Router 4 (Switch component, by Router HOC, history object)
  • Tons of product by ES6 / 7
  • Important browser devices such as React / Redux Dev Tools
  • Ensuring our application including Firebase Rules
  • Deploying our chat app to the web utilizing Firebase Tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts to quickly send messages
  • And more further!

What will be the structure of this course?

During this course, we’ll be creating a live chat app for developers called DevChat, where users will be capable to build channels, to send messages to different users on those channels, send media files, see when different users are typing, add emojis to their information, favorite and unfavorite channels they like or dislike, and receive notifications regarding new messages on other channels.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who has at smallest two months of knowledge by the JavaScript library React
  • React developers involved in creating functional, real-world apps
  • Developers attending for more extra knowledge including the JavaScript language in a functional setting

Size: 2.99 GB


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