12 Mind-Blowing Internet Facts That Every Person Need to know

In this post, I will tell you about 12 Mind-Blowing internet facts that every person needs to know.

  So let’s get started about some of the internet facts.


What is the 1st fact about the Internet is that the number 1 of the website in the world is Google, then the world’s second number of websites is YouTube and then the third number of the website of the world is Facebook.


There are 1.9 billion websites across the world. The whole world means there are 1.9 billion websites across the Internet. Now you can estimate how many websites are becoming daily and how much it has become.

In which Most of the websites are Tumblr. Then Weebly which has more websites and then the 3rd one is WordPress.

So far 1.9 billion websites are all over the internet.


The fact of the third number is that 95 million pictures are uploaded daily to the instagram. In which 70% of the pictures are not seen and only 30% of pictures are viewed.

But here’s the shocking point is, that’s 95 million pictures are uploaded daily to the instagram.


Thereafter, another interesting fact is that 5,000 domains are registered in an hour

Let’s tell you what the domain is here?

Website address is registered to create a website that is called domain and its 5000 registered in an hour which are made of 120000 in a day and are made of millions in month.

That’s a thing to surprise the mind.


Another fact is that there is an estimated 85,000 websites hacked daily, meaning that they are hacked. Now that Internet has become so modern and so far there is a lot of progress. There are also hackers who are hacking around 85,000 websites daily.

  It is also an interesting fact that where many domains are registering daily, there is also a many of websites being hacked daily.


After that, another interesting fact is that a 400-hour video is uploaded to YouTube every day, which is a surprise. Now, if you see it in minutes, hours and days, this number will definitely surprise your mind that so many videos are uploaded daily to YouTube.


Thereafter, another interesting fact is that mobile phones have almost 4.9 million apps that have both Android and IOS. You cannot even imagine that there are so many apps and we’ll be able to know just more than thousand apps and our usage will have 20 to 30 apps more than enough.


The world’s highest speed in the world is in South Korea. Yes, USA, Canada, USA and UK are not in any other country. Internet access is highest in South Korea.


Another interesting fact is that people use internet for ten hours a day. I do not tell you of any country, but I am telling the whole world that people give the internet for ten hours a day. This is also a strange thing that those people give up to ten hours a day, whether they use YouTube or Facebook, but they use internet for ten hours a day.


Another interesting fact is that there is 51% fake traffic across the Internet, only 49% traffic is real.

Fake traffic means that traffic which people are making softwares and robot for bringing traffic.

It means only 49% real traffic on whole internet.


Another interesting fact that we have is that there are 250 billion emails send daily. A person is surely surprised here to find that so many emails are sent daily.


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