Study an approach to code and dispatch sites without any preparation by HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress. 

What Will I Study? 

  • Make custom sites and subjects using WordPress 
  • Make delightful, present-day UIs that are portable neighborly 
  • Plan and retail custom WordPress topics to people 


No coding realities are requested and all product-related in this course is free. 


Study how to make and dispatch custom destinations and web applications using WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS and that’s just the beginning. This course is thorough and relates all that you need to know to make your own custom destinations including WordPress. No earlier coding information is required. 

WordPress controls about 25% of the sites on the planet, so these encounters are significant. WordPress designers acquire on normal $65,000 every year and upwards of $100,000 by more information. 

You can likewise work these capacities for outsourcing or exchanging custom site topics to the individuals. In this course, you’ll study WordPress topic improvement totally. This will allow you to make your own sites and give them a custom UI (look and feel). 

You’ll step away by the assurance to build up your own destinations on the housefly. You would then be able to improve your locales to have methods like person to person communication, login/logout frameworks, web based business/online market, bunch memberships, and a lot further using the immense WordPress module biological system. 

Particularly, in this course, you’ll study the accompanying: 

  1. Setting Up for Coding 
  2. How WordPress Theme Files Operate 
  3. Significant PHP Code 
  4. Step by step instructions to Defend and Present Page Content From a MySQL Database 
  5. HTML5 and CSS3 
  6. Twitter Bootstrap for Layout and Design 
  7. Module API Hooks 
  8. Dynamic Navigation Menus 
  9. Basic WordPress Functions for the Functions File 
  10. Custom Page Templates 
  11. Joining a User Commenting System 
  12. Custom Fonts 
  13. Step by step instructions to Understand the WordPress Documentation 
  14. Proficient Best Practices in WordPress Web Development 

Who is the point crowd? 

  • This course is for website specialists occupied with web advancement 
  • This course is for individuals incorporating information with HTML and CSS 
  • This course is for individuals who have practically no WordPress information 
  • This course isn’t for capable PHP and WordPress designers
Size: 1.20 GB

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