What is freelancing, who are freelancers, and how you can earn money from Freelancing?

In this post, I will tell you what is freelancing, who are Freelancer and how you can earn money from Freelancing.

So let’s start talk about Freelancing. Even before we know what does freelance means.

Free means you’ll know. So let’s talk about Lancer that what Lancer means. If you ever saw old combat movies, you would have seen that it contained slaves who had been hiding their faces and used to stand on one side and took large weapons and used them at such a time when it was seen that now we have lost the battle, They used to change the path of war, and turning the lost war into victory and one side went away.

They were actually lancer who used to fight for war and they were given money to fight war, and they were brought to fight from other countries or from other places, so the word “lancer” and “freelance” came out from there.

Now freely means you are not cautious about anyone. Rather, you are free.

Suppose I work for you or you are working for me, the work you do for me, I will give you the money, you do not do any job for me and you are not cautious about my order, so it is freelancer.

Now, if we talk about online Freelancing, it means that you are boss of yourself, when you want, do your work and when you want, turn off your work.

Now what can you do in freelancing?

If you know

  • web designing
  • web development
  • graphic designing
  • app designing
  • writing & editing skill
  • programming
  • video editing
  • compose a song
  • digital marketing
  • facebook advertisement
  • teaching skill
  • Photographer
  • Data entry
  • Accounting
  • Content writer

Or anything else you know, you can give it service online and you will get the money instead of it. Now it happens that whoever needs your service will contact you with the website’s address where your account will be created and you start talking about people and they tell you that you have to work for me create a website, make me an app, make a logo or make a banner or whatever they want. So, instead of that he gives you money. So in this way you can earn money by Freelancing and live your boss yourself and you will not be careful about anyone else and you will not have to obey anybody, only you will be talking to your client. You will tell him the time. That I’ll complete your project at that time, you will not have any restrictions.

So, Freelancing means that doing free work and earn money, you can do it anywhere in the world.

Now there are many websites in Freelancing, where you have to create an account and provide services there. Then finding a reliever client from your service needs to contact them, or they contact you automatically and then you get the order and you completer the order and send them back and in return you get money.

You can easily do this work by Internet and computer at any place in the world.

So, it is called freelancing.

And the best thing is that you are boss of yourself. And you are not cautious about anyone and when you feel hearted, you should work and when you feel hearted, you should stop working.

I hope you have a clear of what Freelancing and how can you earned money through Freelancing.

I hope this post will be very helpful for you. Any query contact me in comment section.

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