What is SEO? And where it is used?

In this post I will talk about what is SEO? And where it is used? And how it works? And there is any significance of SEO? And there is any future of him? And can he do any job in future? And how bright its future is? And what’s the side of it? And what is its Advantage and Disadvantage?

In this post I will cover all these things because our personal concept and target is the SEO So I will try to clear this concept slightly.

So, First of all what is SEO?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. SEO base above all the three words

First of all we talk about what is Search Engine. Search engines are websites where we search any type of data from Internet like books, picture, movies, any kind of information and etc. There are many types of search engine available like Google which is the biggest Search Engine and then Bing and Yahoo also a Search Engines.

Types of SEO?

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

Let’s talk about Google Search Engine for example we search on Google (What is SEO) many results will be shown on the 1st page on Search Engine and if you go to the down and see; you’ll see a lot of pages. You’ve often seen that whenever we search for anything on the search engine, we live on the first page of the search engine. The user will always open the first result or open the second; he’ll be on the 1st page mostly to take your desired answer. So no user likes to go any next page. So, SEO is a technique is a work or is a process with which we can bring our web site or article to the first page of Google or any other search engine under a specific keyword. So you can call it’s a technique or say algorithm with which we do this and bring your article to the first page of any search engine. That’s why we call it a SEO in short and basically this is called a search engine optimization that’s means we customize our search engine with a specific keyword to show our article is on the first page of search engine. To rank any site or blog in a search engine, we utilize search engine optimization.

How Search Engine Optimization Works?

The first thing is that Search Engine Optimization is not a software or logic. Let’s talk in the best. Search Engine Optimization is a very simpler way in this you makes your website better to better. How can be better then he could be on the basis of built your website’s external presence they may be to built conversation on your site they may be prospective to bring traffic to your website. They may be prospective for increasing your website speed. They may be prospective for increasing your website user behavior. Optimization means that you make one thing better to best. And if you take your site as best as Optimize, each of its content, each of its images, each of its videos and all the content or text which is available, if you optimize each and everything then your source optimization is complete that means you completed your SEO

What is significance of seo?

  • Off course SEO is important for your website or business.
  • Here some reasons that why SEO important:
  • SEO important for increase your traffic
  • SEO build trust on your users
  • Good SEO means a good user experience
  • Local SEO means enhanced engagement and conversions
  • For understand the environment of the web
  • Better for your website health

What is the future of SEO?

SEO is not just a career option; SEO is a must have skill which will help you build your career in Digital Marketing. … Learning SEO is good start for your career if you are passionate about marketing, websites, composing, blogging, analytic and adapting new aptitudes..

I hope this post will be very helpful for you. Any query contact me in comment section


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