What is WordPress and what is used for?


In this course, I will give you WordPress training. What is the word press and what is used for?

How you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month. In this post, I will explain. And this is the introduction post So that people can actually find out what WordPress is. We learn or not or our passion is in it or not. So let’s start what WordPress is and when and when inventory and what work is used for.

WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little

The first thing is that WordPress is a free open source CMS (Content Management System) or web publishing system. Open source meaning that you can use it for free. On the other way a free tool to help you build a website. This is actually a Content Management System by which you manage the website. The website is created within it and it makes it very easy that people can make any kind of professional website of the world in one hour, One hour I said because you’re a new user, so you guys have an hour Other than 20 to 30 minutes and become a professional website.

For beginners:

  • Create pages, post, navigation menus
  • Leverage WordPress without needing to write any code

For advanced users:

  • Leverage your own HTML / CSS / JS / PHP skills
  • Create a theme from scratch (0 files, 0 lines of code)

Who uses WordPress?

  • Small business
  • A person of Blog
  • Government
  • School

WordPress is for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are. What are you trying to achieve with your Website this is a good chance to WordPress can help you. Now, not only WordPress can help you but the community surrounding WordPress can also help you and it is a massive community. Almost 33% of all Website of the internet is powered by WordPress.it mean a lot of people use WordPress.

The WordPress Attitude is very simple, helpful and you can achieve anything using WordPress. WordPress is beautifully simple.

Don’t think of WordPress as a theme playground, think of it as a tool.

A beautiful part of WordPress is:

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to use WordPress.

If you want to use a free theme you can. If you buy a premium theme you can. If you want to design your own theme from scratch you can, there is no “right” or “wrong” way and it makes a WordPress so unbelievable amazing. So, a huge community of people all using the same platform but they all use in own different way like tips, tutorial, etc.


 What are the benefits of WordPress?

  • Learning WordPress does what you can do work with a client like (fiver, upwork)
  • You can design a website and that too without coding

Remember that without coding. In this, you do not need to have any programming HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. After that the WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and it supports it. WordPress supports every kind of theme. You just take the readymade theme. You have to put it and make custom changes and your website will be ready. Now it’s a matter of how many WordPress plug-in are and how many are the themes and how to use it. The most successful and fast-growing in the world is the CMS Word Press. Everybody is coming to the WordPress because it is very easy and it is customizable. You can easily make changes within it and you can easily do your own work. There are thousands of plug-in inside it. What does the plug-in that makes it more easy for you in making of a website in WordPress. It help it for SEO and for the images and also for the speed of the website. Then themes there are thousands of themes available in it and maybe in millions but I don’t know the exact figure it’s too much. You just select any kind of theme and customize it on your own choice and create a website and give it to the client.

Now it comes to why it does not need coding, coding is not required because the theme would be readymade and functions already available in the theme. You just have to make changes using your mind and not require any coding. But if you know to code, it’s very much better and you are more perfect.

Now it’s a matter of how much the career inside the WordPress is. There are so many jobs inside. You cannot even imagine

Using WordPress many people are earning millions of dollars. You cannot even imagine. I hope this post will be very beneficial for you. And by taking advantage of it you will also be able to earn.

Before coming to WordPress you need a domain name and hosting server which you can buy any hosting website which provides it.


What is domain name and hosting?

Domain Name:

Domain names is your WordPress address for that person who type and visit your website


Hosting is just like a renting physical space where you keep all your data like images and everything to do with your website online

Many of websites provide domain names and hosting plans at an affordable price. You just select the domain name and choose a hosting plan and built a website on WordPress in a minute.

What’s inside in WordPress?

In the left, you got the main sidebar which has tabs like post, pages, appearance, themes, widgets, plugins and settings

What are the advantages of WordPress?

SEO-Friendly. Search engines love WordPress in light of the fact that the code is basic and clean that makes it simple for them to peruse and file the substance on the website. Furthermore, it offers control to alter the SEO segments for each page so they can verify high inquiry rankings.

What are the disadvantages of WordPress?

Irrefutably the greatest disadvantage of WordPress is its security. WordPress is an Open Source platform, and it depends intensely on plugins and themes for customization. In actuality, as per a report, WordPress is the most hacked CMS platform around the world.

I hope this post will be very helpful to you. Any query contact me in the comment section

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